Favourite Memories



Keiffer Abad

Meeting new people.

Maureen Aco

Meeting new friends and experiencing all of the fun events such as spirit week and karaoke week. Another one of my best memories is joining Tec-Voc’s dance team DTC, performing, and going to competitions with them.

Quba Afzal

Grade 9 camp.

Andrei Aguilar

Just hanging out with my friends day to day.

Benedict Agupitan

Everyday was pretty great. Being able to live a daily life carefree was all I could have ever asked for.

Anna Ahyong

Honestly, the best memories I have of Tec would be the ones in the bakery and ball academy.

Dane Alforte

Every dental technology class I had was memorable. I’ll truly miss the time I spent there.

Elysa Allard

All the teachers who have helped me for my whole high school life and helped me get this far.

Joshua Aquino

Making new friends.

Brooke Arnold

Hanging out with my friends at lunch.

Hannah Askar

Spending time with classmates in and out of school, as well as engaging in school activities.

Mervin Austria

Grade Wars and Gym Blast.



Macayla Baldovi

I have gained various great memories that occurred at Tec-Voc, but the best memory that stood out to me the most was my grade twelve potluck with my Aerospace classmates. It was one of the only times when we all finally bonded as a family. We all were competing in games and constantly laughing with each other, but the main reason why I enjoyed this so much was because we all came as one.

Rafael Banalan

Some of my best memories of Tec-Voc include me hanging out with my friends, just chilling during lunch time, hanging out in the cafeteria before morning gym, and the numerous classes and lunches in the electronics room where we would just mess around and talk about the weirdest stuff.

Marilou Batayon

My best memories of Tec-Voc are the events held at the school and how nice and diverse the people are. But my most memorable is my bond and experience in my baking class. I will always cherish the memories I made with my friends, my new found friends, and especially my teachers at Tec-Voc.

Madison Bell

Hanging out at South with my friends. 🙂 Also, working in the Stinger Store!!

Rylin Benson

Meeting Terrance Holloway

Bethany Berens

Playing baseball with Aboriginal Youth Association! Junior Year!

Preston Berry

I enjoyed learning about motor control and working on projects in Electrical.

Daniel Boss Carveth

The teachers.

Bianca Briosos

Grade Wars.

Avygail Busto

The best memories for me at Tec-Voc are probably meeting with my friends in the cafeteria and telling each other some gossip about our lives.

Rapha Jireh Butingan

Getting to know the team and practicing with DTC.



Tyrel Cabuhat

Making friends in all the years of high-school, and having them last all throughout high-school.

Arvi Cagol

My best memories would be meeting a lot of people who turned out to be blessings and lessons. I faced some hard days along the way, but as Tupac said, “Life goes on” and that’s on period!

John Camagay

My best memories of Tec-Voc include being able to enjoy lunch hours with my friends in the dance room, being surrounded by a positive community everyday, and performing with DTC during open house from grades 9 to 12.

Jaden Carandang

Meeting new people.

Keewatin Caribou

Spending spring break with my friends in Europe!

Nicole Casares

Playing for the sports teams, and being able to compete in Skills Manitoba.

Angelo Castillo

Spending time with my friends and also I got to meet new people and teachers.

Erish Castillo

Hanging out with my friends and the friendly teachers .

Raven Cayabyab

Meeting new people and making new friends, being part of the Volleyball and Basketball teams for 3 years, and being part of the pep rallies and WIT.

Jaydhen Cenidoza

Being part of DTC.

Brianna Chacon Gonzalez

Getting cast for Dracula.

Parash Chhetri

Learning and playing together with friends.

Christian Choken

Being in the hockey academy.

Addy Columna

Whole senior year.

Lawrence Cruz

My best memory at Tec-Voc is eating lunch at Ms. Marr’s room.

MJ Cruz

Going to my first Gym Riot and being a part of my first Pep Rally.

Raezel Cruz

Lunch time with my friends.

Mark Cuevas

My best memories of Tec-Voc are the times our school would hold special events, especially Gym Blast because every year it seemed like each grade got even more competitive than in the previous year. My other best memories of Tec-Voc are the times students and staff would come together to support clubs, fundraisers, school shows, etc.



Chollo Dacuycuy

Teachers, friends, and sports.

Fiona David

Operating the lights for the school productions, and representing Tec-Voc Graphics in Skills Canada for two years in a row. When we had a power outage, it was fun seeing the halls without light.

Angelo David

I had fun moments in Tec, but the most memorable moment in my experience was the Blackout, it was a nostalgic experience and very fun walking around dead corridors with my friends.

Royce De Ocampo

Going to school.

Mark De Torres

Pep Rallies.

Rein Deang

For sure WIT. Experiencing WIT for 3 years and being able to participate and represent Tec-Voc has been quite the experience.

Aeron Delos Reyes

My favourite memories would have to be the Spirit Weeks.

Carl Derupe

My best memories are playing basketball with my friends in basketball academy.

Jerimarie Dimal

Being able to represent the school and participate in Skills Manitoba.

Judimar Diotay

The teachers and amazing selection of programs to choose from.

Vin Dennick Dizon

Just being there with my friends.

Jeriden Domingo

My best memory of Tec-Voc is struggling in math for 3 years straight and still somehow passing/getting those credits. It’s truly miraculous.

Jason Duong

Karaoke week.



Jeryco Eguet

My best memory I’ve had at Tec-Voc was when I went to Japan with many other Tec-Voc students, some I had already known and others I had befriended during the trip. It is not just my best memory of Tec-Voc, but the highlight of my life so far.

Mackenzie Eusebio

My friends.



Skyler Faial


Mark Fauni

Being around with friends and teachers.

Shane Felix

The great variety of food they serve/make and all the fun activities.

Payton Ferland-Spence

My favorite memories have to be my last year, knowing that I had to say goodbye to the school I have been coming to for the last four years. It wasn’t eventful but it was filled with warm memories.

Cris Fernandez

Just being with friends.

Derek Fernandez

My best memories of Tec-Voc are getting to meet new people and just learning new things.

Jake Ferreira


Ralph Figurasin

Being with my friends, goofing around with the Goldrups, and just being a Tec-Voc student in general.

Jayla Finch




Kleo Gabalfin

Some of my best memories from Tec-Voc are the family I’ve gained through baking. I have enjoyed my few years of high school mostly because of my baking family. Every day was entertaining and we really connected through making food together and then eating the food together. I feel lucky to have had this experience.

Carlos Garce

All the laughter and memories my friends and I made.

John Garcia

My memories of Tec-Voc are going skiing/snowboarding with my friends and being able to participate in the production of Dracula.

Broedy Gaudreau

All the relationships I made.

Jiezel Geli

Some of the best memories for me were being able to play on the volleyball team for 3 years and bonding with my teammates, who loved the same sport, on and off the court. Also, Spirit Weeks were very memorable, especially Gym Blasts!

Kia Genaille


James Gonzales

Hanging out with my friends.

Kim González – Contreras

Being in art class with my friend Kali and always being able to talk with Ms. Thom about anything. Also seeing Ms. Falkenberg every morning and waving to her and knowing she’s always approachable if I need to talk to someone.

DJ Green

Spending time in graphics with Mr. and Mrs. Goldrup, as well as ranting about dance with Mr. Strong and Mrs. Tozar after lunch.



Filmon Habtegergis

My best memories from Tec-Voc was having new experiences and learning from them.

Ruth Habtom

Field trips.

Hunter Hagman

Being a part of the football team.

Tianna Haluik

Hanging out with teachers, always having our Spirit Week, and basically just having school things like karaoke, Gym Blasts, and our dances.

Francheska Hernandez

Grade 9 camp.

Shelby Hopko

Working on cars in auto and the jokes we have made all together are my best memories.

Hser Htee Htoo

My fondest memory at Tec was when after open house, I decided to help out my teachers in broadcasting by giving potential broadcasters a tour of our room and equipment. We somehow ended up singing the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody all together with a few other students after the tours. As I recall it, I was louder than anyone else in the room. Needless to say that was the best moment in my broadcasting class I have had.

Ray Ber Htoo

My best memory is after a fine dining or buffet experience, all the students would get to rest and talk to each other for a period. Even if the event was exhausting we could still feel the relief and accomplishment in the air because we knew we achieved something great together.

Kitty Huynh

Being a part of the tech crew in the theatre was important to me for the past three years of high school. Also, spending lunch with friends.



Allen Ibalio

Some of my best memories of Tec-Voc were Gym Blasts, pep rallies, and playing volleyball throughout the years of high school with good friends of mine.

Kyla Idemne

Honestly my best memories of Tec-Voc would probably be the events. my most favorites were Gym Blast and karaoke. Sadly we were not able to experience our very last event due to the situation we are having right now. Also, the sit downs and small conversations we would have at the bench outside guidance every day after school, and the principals yelling at us to go home. I have so many memories of Tec-Voc, I know it’s going to be hard to forget.

Hosee Inocentes

Being in the classroom with my classmates learning and having fun together.

Kali Isaac

My best memories of Tec-Voc consist of just everyday conversations that I’ve had with my close friends and teachers. The people I surround myself with are the ones who contributed to my positive memories.



Blake James

Definitely has to be Grade Wars, especially last years considering we didn’t get one this year. Last year’s was the best because we were honestly the most hyped grade and would’ve won if not for the fact that it’s rigged in the end, grade 12’s win no matter what.

Nicholas Javier

I think that the best memories I have of Tec-Voc are the people I made friends with over the years. Without them, my whole experience would probably be a gloomy one.



Lukas Kehler-Datuin

9th grade Camp, Grade Wars, first day introduction every year.

Nikita Kemble

Karaoke Week, and the cafeteria food was very good.

Gary Kirton

Getting to know some awesome people.

Tapu Klee

The friends I made and the teachers who I got along with very well.

Steven Konteh

Being able to play the sport I love and enjoy for my school.

Ethan Kraus

All I basically learned was how to ignore screaming.



Riley Laurent

-Grade 9 home room (Ms. Deklerck)
-Camp in grade 9
-Getting an award in Social Studies
-First practice and game of football in grade 11
-Playing dodgeball intramurals
-Grade 11 Grade Wars
-Attending first pep-rally(participating)
-Getting on the basketball team
-Playing first game of the season
-Playing first game of WIT

Samantha Lazatin

Employment there.

Jade Lee

Grade 9 camp and lots of memories with friends.

Madison Line

My best memory of Tec-Voc was hearing I’d be graduating.

Samuel Livingstone

Any football or rugby game or the Grade Wars.

Derrick Llamas

Meeting my friends and Certain school events, though I never really participated in them. Serving lunch this year was especially fun compared to the last 2 years. The buffets I helped in and fine dining. Also, karaoke was very fun to watch. Tec was honestly the only school that I actually felt like I could belong in. It became more like a secondary home rather than just a school I needed to go to because life requires us to. It is really sad that it ended a bit early for us grads this year, but it is what it is.

Jessica Look

Most definitely being involved in the sports teams, meeting all these new people, going on the ski trips the school would have every year, and volunteering for WIT.

Shaira Marie Lopez

Sport events, volleyball season, Pep Rally.

Aldriech Lucena

Best memories I had at Tec-Voc would be the Grade Wars.

Mustpha Lucier

The kitchen.



Jezza Maglian

My best memories at Tec-Voc was when we had huge events like the pep rally and Grade Wars. It was fun because students were able to participate in games and we all just had a great time.

Rahma Mairane

One of the best memories I have of Tec-Voc is the kind teachers and how they’re welcoming, make us feel comfortable, and are there for us when we need someone to talk to.

Brian Malasique

The Grade Wars.

Ryken Manalo

My first year of DTC and Design Drafting.

Gavin Rossdale Marasigan

Meeting new friends and working with them.

Joaquin Martirez

The teachers and classmates.

Matt Matias

My best memories at Tec-Voc were definitely the experiences, either through field trips and learning with different teachers in general.

John (Oo) May

The football team.

Roderick Mayham

Going to Thailand.

Kobe McAuley

Playing Smash Bros with the boys at lunch.

Natasha Meekis

Meeting all my friends and going into Automotive.

Thomas Mercado

My best memories of Tec-Voc would have to be the Gym Blasts and after school volunteering in culinary.

Nico Millar

I actually have quite a lot of really good memories that are hard to choose from. But overall most of them happened in my Drafting class, so I think I’m just going to say that my best memories of Tec-Voc are just simply being in drafting class.

Isaiah Miranda

Goofing around.

Jolene Mitchler

The people I met, and the over pouring amount of support I received from teachers and friends alike.

Huda Mohamud

Being with friends.

Aleah Moise

My best memories of Tec-Voc are hanging with my friends at south benches and hanging out in the broadcasting computer lab!

Mark Molina

My best memories at Tec-Voc are spending every moment with my friends and teachers.



Labina Naz

Grade 9 camp bonding with teachers and friends.

Ksanet Nazgi

The best memory of Tec-Voc is seeing all the students working together.



Louis Obilla

Friends and teachers.



Vince Palapuz

My first day in Tec-Voc was very memorable. Just like other students, I felt nervous and excited on the first day. Surprisingly, all the people were approachable and friendly. Teachers treated me nicely, showed me kindness, and were very supportive during and after classes. Some of my friends joined the same school as me and I did make some new friends. My experience at Tec-Voc was really fun and memorable. The best part was building the cardboard boat. It was fun working together with classmates and friends and this made the project even better. Well, most of the time I was the one who made them laugh; that may have wasted some time and yet we enjoyed this experienced.

Angelo Patiag

I really like my memories of being in Basketball academy, they were my favourite. It was so much fun for me. Everybody in that class participated and they all loved basketball so much. Ball academy teachers are so great at teaching drills. Also, hanging out with everyone of my friends and being in the fitness centre. I also missed the Gym Blast.

Jerome Perez

My favorite memory was going to camp in the ninth grade.

Saranda Pierre

The grade nine camping trip was my most memorable trip in high school, it was filled with so many activities that helped me to build connections with other classmates. I also have great memories with the Indigenous Leadership Youth Program, Grade Wars, and all the support from teachers.

Jovinelle Pimentel

Meeting my friends.

Monica Plante-Kirton

My friends that I made and the teachers who were there for everything.

Tatu Ponga

Grade 9 camp. 2019 Valentine Dance. W.I.T. tournaments. Being late for class every single period for grade 11-12. The lunch menu everyday (I will absolutely miss that). Mr Martin’s humour!



Maria Rosario Quiambao

To be part of the childcare family and to experience how to deal with the kids.



Naba Razaq

Volunteering at WIT.

Kaleigh Reyes

Grade 9 camp, DTC vs teachers, and DTC.

Ryan Richardson

Working my first paying job in theatre tech.

Thomas Rider

Most likely hanging out at south doors with everyone, it was fun even if we got into trouble.

Miguel John Roldan

My best memory at Tec-Voc was during the ski trip. My friends and I had fun skiing, and even though most of us never skied before, we still had fun.

Jan Romero

Grade 10 basketball academy.

Jessica Ryan-Tymchatyn

The Festival du Voyageur.



Hanz Samonte

Playing basketball during Basketball Academy classes and having fun with the people I met there. Most importantly my best memory was learning and discovering new things in that school, such as Graphics and Aerospace.

Christian Samonte

When we would eat at Ms. Marr’s room every lunch time.

Seraphim Scratch

Lunch break.

Lee-Ann Shaler-Cadotte

The food.

Janelle Shaw

My best memories of Tec-Voc were the Grade Wars. It was fun to see all the different grades and also the teachers competing against each other. Grade Wars were always really funny and I always laugh when I think about the funniest things that happened in previous years.

Vasily Sidenko

Everyday of electronics class and the friends I’ve gained through the class.

Nicolas Silveira

My best memories of Tec-Voc are the Grade Wars and getting to go for work experience at Powerland.

Chanice Sinclair

A ton of memories were made during my four years of being a Hornet. In my first year of high school the best memories I made were from the field trips the teachers took us on, especially camp. In the tenth grade I was a silver medal recipient for the Career Fair. In the eleventh grade it was being a part of the varsity girls basketball team and winning the championship in our conference. Being a senior in this pandemic, a memory I reminisce is physically being in school; being able to see friends, teachers, coaches and participating in sports is the best memory I have during my senior year.

Breanne Sirack

Meeting the group of people I call my best friends. Lunch times together. Childcare class.

Tyshon Smith

I have too many memories that I can name.

Shanelle Sorro

My best memories of Tec-Voc was mainly DTC. I enjoyed every second of every competition, win, practice, and windup we had as a team. I got to experience so much joy and growth with myself through this opportunity. I was able to crawl out of my shell and finally feel confident with my actions and who I was as a person. Not only was DTC a major aspect of my high school life, my friends were the ones who really made high school manageable to be at. Attending the multiple rallies, parties, and school events with them, and creating such unforgettable memories that will forever stay with me is really the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Savanna Spence

Becoming friends with the people I’m friends with now, and of course every basketball season.

Autumn Sumner

Being there for only a month



Jaden Ta

Playing on the Ultimate Team.

Johann Tan

Honestly, my best memories of Tec-Voc was spending my senior year building lifelong friendships and memories. I had lots of fun in high school and made many great memories, but nothing beats just going on adventures with your closest friends and enjoying each other’s company.

Ozzy Thompson

Meeting all my friends and my girlfriend.

Shemaiah Tocao

My best memories of Tec-Voc was when I was a freshman – Grade 9. High school was a completely different environment and everything was new to my friends and I. We had really fun memories of the Gym Blast when we played games and also volunteering for the Open House. I also really enjoyed being a part of the student council during my freshman year. Lastly, one of my other best memories was in Mr. Bruce-Smith’s class. We did fun activities and projects and that was the one class that made my communication skills better and gave me more confidence.

Brendan Tokarz

Only being at Tec-Voc for two years, I have created memories that I will remember forever. Some of my best memories are playing football out in the front of the school, football practice, electrical class, and spending time with my friends. My favourite memory will be dawning the Tec-Voc football jersey. I am extremely privileged and proud to wear such a prestigious jersey that once won six championships. Having my name engraved on a trophy means a lot to me because I hope one day someone hears about the dedication and love I had for the game and remember me for that.
Football gave me the opportunity to meet great people, and three people who made an impact on me on the field are Mr. Weiser, Jake Nichols, and Mr. Marnoch. There’s a fourth person who made every day an amazing experience and I’m so happy I got to meet Mr. Michaud and got to spend every day with him. He is by far my favourite teacher I have ever had.

Vince Torres

My best memories at Tec would have to be hanging out with all my friends in the parking lot, during lunch, and on spares. My favorite phrase among us graduates of 2020 would have to be “yo, y’all down to skip third?”

Kaleb Traimany

Pep rallies, varsity basketball, and just enjoying my last year while I could.





Jayda Vince

WIT 2020.

Jailyn Vongxay

My best memories of Tec-Voc were making new friends and building close relationships with good people.



Rayauna Whalen

Getting to meet people I related to and becoming friends with some really good people.

Rosie Williams

Making friends and having good relationships with the teachers.

Heidi Wright

All of the music classes and getting the chance to build a band with my friends and performing with them.





Jacky Yu

One of my best memories in Tec-Voc is Mr. Reece’s classes.

Jonas Yu

The basketball season, WIT, and spending time with my friends are the memories that I will never forget.



Marden Zamora

The best memories I ever made at Tec-Voc was meeting new friends and teachers. Taking part in Spirit Week, Gym Blast, going to dances was always so fun. One thing that I’m glad I did was being involved involved in school activities, extracurriculars, etc.

Julian Zapanta

I liked the simple moments of hanging out with my friends in the library and some of the stupid inside jokes that would come out of it.