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Advertising Graphic Design

Advertising Graphic Design

About Advertising Graphic Design

The Advertising Graphic Design program covers a broad range of art forms that includes image manipulation, concept drawing, computer graphics, and typography. In Graphic Design, you will learn how to produce your own designs and printed projects using industry standard technology. 

Students in this vocational will learn the following skills:
ā€“ Design with Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) 
ā€“ Graphic Design procedures and production
ā€“ Client relations and employability skills 

Who Should Enroll? 
Advertising Graphic Design is looking for students who like being creative, designing their own projects, working with computers, and communicating their ideas to others. Students who are in the Graphic Design program are artistic and enjoy working in a team environment. 

Employment Opportunities
Students who complete the Advertising Graphic Design program are qualified to work as graphic designers, gaming illustrators, communication specialists, and in the industry of Digital Multimedia Design and Digital Printing.  

Additional Information
The Advertising Graphic Design program helps students prepare for a competitive industry where employers require a college diploma in Graphic Design or Digital Media, or a university degree in Visual Arts specializing in Graphic Design. The Graphic Design program at Tec-Voc helps students prepare for Red River College, Fine Arts programs, or industry jobs.

Course Listing

Grade 9 Graphic Design (.5 Credit) GRHR1G

This course is intended for students wishing to explore Graphic Design. Students will be encouraged to think creatively as they solve basic design challenges with hands-on projects. The emphasis will be on exploring creativity through project based learning, and computer design using Photoshop and Illustrator. Topics include introductions to: color theory, elements of design, computer graphic design software and sketching. The course includes an exploration of safety, employability skills, sustainability, and new and emerging technologies in Graphic Design.

Grade 10 Graphic Design (1 Credit) GD135V1S

The first year will introduce students to the world of graphic design. Students will use a variety of design software (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) and equipment (laser, vinyl cutting, and wide format printing). Main topics include colour theory, typography basics and design.

Grade 11 Graphic Design (4 Credits) GD000V30

The second year will build on design basics and move into more complex projects in graphic design layout, typography and computer applications. Software applications include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and focus will be placed on the study of digital illustration and marketing campaigns. Students will study Graphic Design and Layout, Illustration for Graphic Design, and Interactive Graphic Design, and Print Procedures for Graphic Communications.

Grade 12 Advertisingā€“ Graphic Design (4 Credits) GD000V40

In the final year, students will develop skills to a professional level in the areas of graphic design and print communications. Topics include full graphic design campaigns, interactive design, layout, illustration, as well as the opportunity for work experience.  Students will study Advanced Graphic Design and Layout, Advanced Illustration for Graphic Design, and Advanced Interactive Graphic Design. Students will develop a Graphic Design Portfolio in preparation for industry or post-secondary education. The prerequisite for this course is Grade 11 Graphic Design.


Contact Information

GOLDRUP, Ms. Trish – tgoldrup@wsd1.org