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Applied Commerce Education

Applied Commerce Education

About Applied Commerce Education

The Applied Commerce Education program allows you to develop practical skills related to working in or managing your own business. You will learn how to use various software applications which are commonly used in a business environment, and gain valuable job experience working in the Stingers Store and Stingers Credit Union. 

Students in Applied Commerce Education will develop the following skills:
– how to start and maintain a business 
– financial management 
– marketing & business management 


Who Should Enroll? 
Applied Commerce Education is looking for students who like to learn practical life skills, enjoy working in a team, and working with computers. Students in this vocation are problem solvers, self-starters and creative. 

Employment Opportunities
Students who successfully complete Applied Commerce Education will be qualified to work in bookkeeping, financial institutions, office environments, marketing fields, law related fields or running their own business. 

Additional Information
The Stingers Store offers students hands-on, practical retail experience. Additionally, Stingers Credit Union offers students real-life work experience in a financial setting. This program is also open for students to take individual courses to supplement their studies at Tec-Voc. The Applied Commerce Education program helps prepare students who are interested in the Faculty of Commerce. 

Course Listing

Grade 9

Applied Commerce (.5 Credit) ICTA1F

Students are introduced to the world of Business through several hands on projects. Students gain an understanding of a consumer’s perspective by participating in product surveys, marketing, retailing, personal selling and bookkeeping. The course provides an overview of the Applied Commerce program by highlighting career possibilities in Business.

Grade 10

Promotions (1 Credit) CRPR2S
Students will learn the basic concepts of selling, pricing, inventory, and marketing before exploring various advertising techniques including television, radio, and print media. Students will use technology to analyze, plan and prepare advertising and promotion activities. This is a recommended course for the ACE diploma but many students take this course as one of their options. 

Start your Own Business (1 Credit) ENTR2S
Students are introduced to the exciting world of business and how you can become a part of it. Students will learn fundamental skills needed to start and run their own business. Students will develop your own business idea and put it into action. This is a recommended course for the ACE diploma but many students take this course as one of their options. 

Career & Technology Studies (1 Credit) LWPR2S

Students are introduced to Career Education in this mandatory full-credit Grade 10 course. Students are immersed in Career Exploration, Career Fair and develop computer literacy skills. These skills are necessary for students to enter the world of work.

Grade 11

Accounting Essentials (1 Credit) AESR3S

This course provides students with principles and procedures needed for personal/business bookkeeping. Students will complete financial statements using both manual and computerized accounting systems. Students will gain valuable hands-on real life experience to reinforce their classroom learning by working in the Stingers Credit Union. 

This is a required course for the Applied Commerce Diploma but many students take this course as one of their options. 

Applied Business Software (1 Credit) ABTR4S
Students explore how computer applications are used in business. The use of spreadsheets, databases, communication packages, computer graphic design programs, online website creation software, and presentation programs will be explored. This is a required course for the Applied Commerce Diploma but many students take this course as one of their options. 

Business Communications & Advertising (1 Credit) BCOR3S
This course explores business communication skills and techniques that are essential in business. Students will learn how businesses communicate internally and externally through practical projects such as the creation of the school yearbook, advertisements for the school store and other school activities. Students will use the Adobe Suite to create audio, video and print productions.

Stingers Retailing (1 Credit) RTPR3S
Students gain practical experience by working in Stingers Store. Students receive training on the day-to-day operations and procedures of a retail store. Interpersonal communication in business with an emphasis on the relationship of coworkers and supervisors is stressed.

Venture Development (1 Credit) VDER3S
Learn how to turn your ideas into profits! This course introduces students to the principles of business ownership and management. Students will complete a business plan and actually operate a business of their choosing within the school.

Grade 12

Accounting Systems (1 Credit) ASYR4S
Students are taught industry standard accounting systems. Students learn computerized accounting packages, accounting methods, tax preparation and problem-solving techniques. Students will gain valuable hands-on real life experience to reinforce their classroom learning by working in Stingers Credit Union.  The prerequisite for this course is Accounting Essentials.

Economics (1 Credit) ECPR4S
This course explores how individuals, businesses, and governments make choices regarding their use of limited financial, human, and natural resources. Students will gain an understanding of how businesses raise capital, price their products and hire workers. This course appeals to anyone who is interested in business and personal finances or requires an “S” level course for post-secondary admission.

Stingers Marketing (1 Credit) MDCR4S
Students gain practical experience in working in Stingers Store. Advanced store activities will be examined including training procedures, advertising, sales promotion, ordering, inventory control and accounting procedures involved in the operation of the school store.

Management (1 Credit) BMAR4S
Students will explore the functions of Management—planning, organizing, controlling, leading and human resources. Students will learn through practical projects such as the planning of the school yearbook, creation of school wide activities and events, and managing the Stingers Store.

Law (LAWR4S)
Students examine Canadian Law fundamentals related to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal Law and Civil Law.  Much of the course work is built around the study of real life cases and how they relate to each aspect of law.  There is also an expectation that students participate in classroom discussions. 

Contact Information

MIRA, Ms. Kathleen – kmira@wsd1.org