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Broadcasting/Media Arts

Broadcasting/Media Arts

About Broadcasting/Media Arts

Guided by a team of industry experienced educators, the Broadcasting Media Arts program allows you to develop skills in all aspects of video production. From pre-production to post, you will develop technical proficiency with hands on experience utilizing high quality, professional sound and video gathering equipment. Then, edit and finalize your footage with powerful post-production software. This vocation offers you opportunities to demonstrate your skills with practical experience, both in and outside of the school environment, with professional instruction, in staged and live broadcast situations. 

Students in Broadcasting Media Arts will develop the following skills:
– video and audio production  
– multi-camera production 
– communication and teamwork 

Who Should Enroll?
Broadcast Media Arts is looking for students who enjoy communicating ideas to others using the visual medium and working within a team environment. Students in this vocation are creative, self-starters, and active participants in their learning experience

Employment Opportunities 
Students who successfully complete Broadcasting Media Arts will be qualified to work for various media companies as live event broadcasters, video or film technicians, or as independent video producers. 

Additional Information
Students in Broadcasting Media Arts work on various practical projects both in and outside of the school. A few examples are the live, multi-cam broadcast productions of the Winnipeg Invitational Basketball Tournament, the Junior Hight Basketball Championship finals, school event productions, and community promotional videos. 

Course Listing

Grade 9 (.5 Credits) BMVH1S

This course is designed for students to explore the Broadcast Media Industry. Students will develop the skills necessary to produce audio and video projects. They will be introduced to the basic principles and concepts involved in creating audio visual content for conventional broadcasting.

Grade 10 (1 Credits) BM114V1S

First year introduces students to the tasks and equipment used in television, film and audio production by assisting in a variety of projects from concept to production.

Grade 11 (4 Credits) BM000V30

Students will enhance their skills with the introduction of lighting,  audio recording, and advanced editing. Students will produce documentaries, television commercials, music videos and participate in live sports/concert multi-camera productions.

Grade 12 (4 Credits) BM000V40

The final year focuses on developing advanced video and film making techniques. Students produce an assortment of television and film projects with the emphasis on quality and professionalism for “in-house” and “on-air” productions.

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Contact Information

SMITH, MR NOEL – nosmith@wsd1.org
(Broadcast Media Arts)

BOUCHARD, MS. NICOLE – nbouchard@wsd1.org
(Broadcast Media Arts, Theatre Technology, Film Production)