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About Carpentry

The Carpentry program allows you to develop skills in all aspects of building and renovating with industry standard equipment. It will provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your skills and work with your hands doing practical experience both in and outside of the classroom. 

Students in Carpentry will develop the following skills:
– measuring and estimating for building 
– practical application of carpentry skills 
– development of employability skills 

Who Should Enroll?
Carpentry is looking for students who are active participants in their learning and are willing to take initiative. Students who are in Carpentry like working with a team, learning daily life skills, and applying math to real world problem solving. 

Employment Opportunities
Students who successfully complete Carpentry program will be qualified to work with building contractors, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, renovators, entry-level concrete forming, or further their education in Apprentice Carpentry.  

Additional Information
Students complete a variety of projects in the Carpentry program. Small projects such as puzzle boxes, stools and cutting boards go home with students.  There are always opportunities to work on larger projects, for example, framing projects have included garden sheds, playhouses and even a two-storey house.   

Course Listing

Grade 9 (.5 Credits) WOHR1G

Introduction to Carpentry is intended for students wishing to sample the Carpentry trade. Curriculum content focuses on an exploration of Carpentry including safety, employability skills, career development,

sustainability, and new and emerging technologies in building Construction. The emphasis will be on project-based learning activities.

Grade 10 (1 Credits) CA584V1S
Students are introduced to measurement, use and care of hand tools, portable power tools, stationary woodworking machines, project design and layout, material selection, and basic finishing techniques.

Grade 11 (4 Credits) CA000V30
Emphasis is on developing carpentry skills. The first part of the year is spent on design, layout and construction of cabinets; the remainder is devoted to roof framing and wood frame house construction.

 Grade 12 (4 Credits) CA000V40
Students will learn to layout, construct and install windows and doors. They will also learn how to layout and build stairs according to local building codes. The final part of the year is spent on surveying, print reading, concrete forming, and work experience.

Contact Information

LINTICK, Mr. Darwin – dlintick@wsd1.org