• 204-786-1401
  • tecvoc@wsd1.org
  • Winnipeg, MB Canada


Welcome to Tec-Voc’s Virtual Open House. Our instructors are available on February 25th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM to answer any questions you may have about their programs. You can email instructors by using the emails below or call the school at 204-786-1401. For general questions not related to a program please email tecvoc@wsd1.org.

Grade 9 Program

Google Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/zms-gthk-xod

HARMS, Mr. Frank – fharms@wsd1.org

BRAUL, Elisabeth

DEKLERCK, Kelly kdekerck@wsd1.org

ZAPARNICK, Whitney wzaparnick@wsd1.org

Academic Programs

English Language Arts

ANDERSON, Mr. Jeff – jeffanderson@wsd1.org

Human Ecology

​SINGER, Ms. Leslie – lsinger@wsd1.org
(Foods & Nutrition)

Humanities (Social Studies)

FERNIE, Mr. Michael – mfernie@wsd1.org


DARBYSHIRE, Ms. Tracy – tdarbyshire@wsd1.org

Performing Arts

SEMCHYSHYN, Mr. Jerry – jsemchyshyn@wsd1.org
(Guitar, Recording Technology)

WILLIAMS, Ms. Sonyas williams@wsd1.org
(Choir, Band, Piano)

​DIZOR, Ms. Diana – ​ddizor@wsd1.org

BAFFOE, Mr. Eugene – ebaffoe@wsd1.org

Physical Education

TURNER, Ms. Leanne – lturner@wsd1.org
(All of our PE programs, all athletic programs, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach)

BARTELINGS, Mr. Jethro – jbartelings@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Athletic Strength and Conditioning, Track and Field Coach)

MARNOCH, Mr. Keli – kmarnoch@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Hockey Academy, Football Coach)

SHYNKARYK, Mr. Daniel – dshynkaryk@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Basketball Academy, Boys Basketball Coach (JV, Varsity))

​SOLARCHUK, Ms. Kelsey – ​ksolarchuk@wsd1.org
(10, 11 Female Fitness, JV Girls Basketball Coach)


​LODGE-ZAPARNICK, Mr. Whit​ – wzaparnick@wsd1.org
(Grade 9 Science)

ROMANIUK, Ms. Leanne – lromaniuk@wsd1.org
(Grade 10 Science)

MOFFATT, Ms. Tannys – tmoffatt@wsd1.org
(Biology, Medical Sciences)

KSZYWISKO, Ms. Jennifer – jkszywisko@wsd1.org

​DIXON, Mr. Ian- dixon@wsd1.org​

General Science inquiries not related to specific disciplines – tmoffatt@wsd1.org

Visual Arts

THOM, Ms. Megan​ – mthom@wsd1.org

Technical Vocational Programs

Advertising Graphic Design

GOLDRUP, Ms. Trish – tgoldrup@wsd1.org

MATEWISH, Ms. Caitlin – ​cmatewish@wsd1.org

Applied Commerce Education

MIRA, Ms. Kathleen – kmira@wsd1.org

Automotive Technology

ROY, Mr. Rob – rroy@wsd1.org

Aviation & Aerospace Technologies

MARTIN, Ms. Sylvia – symartin@wsd1.org

Baking & Pastry Arts

WILLERTON, Mr. Terry – twillerton@wsd1.org

Broadcasting/Media Arts

SMITH, MR NOEL – nosmith@wsd1.org

(Broadcast Media Arts)
BOUCHARD, MS. NICOLE – nbouchard@wsd1.org

(Broadcast Media Arts, Theatre Technology, Film Production)


LINTICK, Mr. Darwin – dlintick@wsd1.org

Culinary Arts

FROST, Mr. Matt – mfrost@wsd1.org

Dental Assisting & Medical Preparation

BERGS, Ms. Lois – lbergs@wsd1.org

Dental Technology & Medical Preparation

GROSZ, Mr. Julius – jgrosz@wsd1.org

Design Drafting

MACRAE, Mr. Gord – gmacrae@wsd1.org

Electrical Trades Technology

MICHAUD, Mr. Dan – dmichaud@wsd1.org


WINTERS, Mr. Rory – rwinters@wsd1.org

Graphic Communications & Print Technology

GOLDRUP, Ms. Trish – tgoldrup@wsd1.org

MATEWISH, Ms. Caitlin – ​cmatewish@wsd1.org

Information Technology

BEAN, Ms. Bobbi – rbean@wsd1.org

Innovative Manufacturing Technology

HALLDORSON, Mr. Vance – vhalldorson@wsd1.org

Interactive Digital Media

MCGILLIVRAY, Mr. Justin – jmcgillivray@wsd1.org
(2D, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Asset Creation)

REECE, Mr. David – dreece@wsd1.org
(Computer Science, Programming)

Professional Photography

GILFILLAN, Mr. Ron – rgilfillan@wsd1.org

Welding Technology

BAGE, Mr. Tony – tbage@wsd1.org