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Dental Technology & Medical Preparation

Dental Technology & Medical Preparation

About Dental Technology & Medical Preparation

The Dental Technology and Medical Preparation course offers students the practical and theoretical components to learn the field of Technical Dentistry and Medical Terminology which is needed for students to move forward into a medical or dental stream. This two-year program provides the technical training, dexterity skills, and theoretical knowledge for the fabrication of specialized dental appliances and an understanding of the medical language used in both fields. Practical laboratory work is emphasized to better prepare the student for employment in the dental laboratory profession while still offering an authentic approach to learning. All work is custom made, and requires specialized, integrated equipment, with specific and specialized materials. 

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from this program will have the required skills for employment in the following:

· Fixed Restorations Laboratories

· Medical Clinics

· Removable Restoration Laboratories

· Orthodontic Laboratories

· Dental Offices with Laboratories        

· All Service Dental Laboratories                                                                             

· Dental Education and Training           

· Denturist Clinics and Offices

· Dental Distributors

· Medical Establishments

· Materials Research Development

· Dental & Medical Receptionists

Graduates have also used the skills and knowledge learned in this program to further their education in the fields of Dentistry, Denturist, Hygienist, Medical Practitioner, Pharmacist, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Assistant, Radiology, Veterinarian Sciences, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Health Care Aide, and Pharmacy Technician. This is the only high school program of its kind in Canada. Work experience within a laboratory or Dental office is offered at the Grade 12 level.

Contact Information

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