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Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

If I send my child to Tec-Voc, would they still be able to go to University?

Absolutely! In addition to being a high school that offers compulsory academic courses, one of the best things about Tec Voc is that students have the opportunity to take vocational courses asynchronous with Manitoba curriculum requirements! Students can walk out of our school with not only an academic diploma but also with experience in a particular trade field that they can further develop if they choose to. This also can lead to better job opportunities right out of high school.

Does Tec-Voc have a catchment?

We do not! This is because we are a technical vocational high school; students residing anywhere within the border of Winnipeg School Division who are interested in our programs are encouraged to fill out an application and join us. We strive for an inclusive and welcoming environment and are happy to have new faces in our hallways.

How does the Grade 9 Program work?

Not too much different than Middle School! For the most part, students are with the same group throughout the school year with the same teachers. The difference is, that two of the courses (ELA and Math) will be throughout the full school year whereas the rest of the academic courses will be in two semester increments; Semester 1 which is September to February and Semester 2 which is February to June. The only difference from Middle to High school is the introduction of the variety of options courses a student can choose from – this is where they enroll in a vocational program of their interest!

How many vocations can you take at once?

In Grades 9 and 10, a student can take up to 4 vocational programs! We encourage doing so in order to learn what is of most interest to them. Grade 11 is where a student narrows down their interests and chooses the vocation that they would like to pursue. The chosen vocation will be the one in which the student remains in throughout the remainder of their time, up until graduation at Tec Voc.

How does our Post High Program work?

Residents who are under the age of 21, have graduated high school and are living within Winnipeg School Division boundaries are eligible to enroll in our Post High program. In this program, students will take a full year of courses focused on their technical or vocational area. At the end of the year, upon completion of the program, students will earn their diploma.

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