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Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Innovative Manufacturing Technology

About Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Students in Innovative Manufacturing Technology will develop the following skills:
– Competent, safe, and precise use of common machine shop equipment and tools
– Effective use of 3D-Printers
– Programming of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machines

Employment Opportunities:
Students who successfully complete Innovative Manufacturing Technology will enter the workforce as a Level 2 Apprentice Machinist, CNC Operator, or Machine Shop Helper. Competency in Machining Technology is a great skill for those interested in pursuing careers in Engineering.

Additional Information:
Curious about how things are made? Do you imagine objects that don’t exist yet? Problem-solving and methodical thinking are two important components of the machinists’ craft. Students in this program develop their ability to imagine the steps necessary to move objects from the idea to the production stage.

Contact Information

HALLDORSON, Mr. Vance – vhalldorson@wsd1.org