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Interactive Digital Media

Interactive Digital Media

About Interactive Digital Media

Students in Interactive Digital Media will develop the following skills:
– Creation of 2D and 3D environments, characters, props and animations.
– Learn fundamentals of game design; build games and android apps using C# and Java
– Develop and maintain interactive websites using Javascript, CSS, PHP and mySQL

Employment Opportunities: Students who successfully complete Interactive Digital Media will be able to find jobs or further their studies as computer programmers, video game designers, animators, or webmasters

Additional Information: Students in this vocation will have the opportunity to participate in competitions and out-of-school initiatives such as Girls in Gaming and Skills Manitoba. This vocation is open for students to take individual courses to supplement their studies while at Tec-Voc.

Note: Courses in this program are currently available as optional credits for students. The full Interactive Digital Media program is being implemented in stages: Grade 10 in 2021-22, Grade 11 in 2022-23, and Grade 12 in 2023-24.

Contact Information

MCGILLIVRAY, Mr. Justin – jmcgillivray@wsd1.org
(2D, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Asset Creation)

REECE, Mr. David – dreece@wsd1.org
(Computer Science, Programming)