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Physical Education

Physical Education

About Physical Education

Tec-Voc Physical Education offers a variety of options at each grade level.  Options include specialized programs that are sport specific in Basketball and Hockey,  as well as female fitness.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and enjoyable experience that appeals to every student that attends Tec-Voc.  The Tec-Voc Physical Education Staff includes experts in Basketball, Hockey, Athlete Strength and Conditioning, and Rugby.  We believe that lifelong physical activity is essential to both our physical and mental health. We strive to make a positive impact on our students and their enjoyment of physical activity as a lifelong pursuit.

Contact Information

TURNER, Ms. Leanne – lturner@wsd1.org
(All of our PE programs, all athletic programs, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach)

BARTELINGS, Mr. Jethro – jbartelings@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Athletic Strength and Conditioning, Track and Field Coach)

MARNOCH, Mr. Keli – kmarnoch@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Hockey Academy, Football Coach)

SHYNKARYK, Mr. Daniel – dshynkaryk@wsd1.org
(10, 11, 12 Basketball Academy, Boys Basketball Coach (JV, Varsity))

​SOLARCHUK, Ms. Kelsey – ​ksolarchuk@wsd1.org
(10, 11 Female Fitness, JV Girls Basketball Coach)