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Technical Trade Programs

Technical Trade Programs

If you are interested in becoming a tradesperson, Tec-Voc provides an array of different trade programs, which will help you find success in your chosen trade. Tradespeople are essential to our society. They create structures and mechanical devices, as well as, provide maintenance and services. Therefore we know how essential it is to help students acquire the skills necessary to be a successful tradesperson.

Level 1 Apprenticeship is offered in the Automotive, Carpentry, Electrical Trades and Innovative Manufacturing program. Welding will be added as a Level 1 Apprenticeship course next school year.

Take some time to visit and explore each of our classroom spaces to learn more about each program. Click on the program you wish to explore:


The Automotive Technology program helps you to understand automobile basics, construction, operation, service, and repairs. You will gain hands on experience as you diagnose and repair vehicles using industry standard tools and equipment. This vocation is a flagship program with a high percentage of graduates entering the industry directly after graduation.

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Aviation & Aerospace Technologies | AMMOP

The Aviation and Aerospace Technologies program gives you an opportunity to learn the skills needed for manufacturing and maintenance of aircrafts. In Aerospace, you will gain the skills you need to read and understand documents as well as learn to perform work with precision and accuracy.

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The Carpentry program allows you to develop skills in all aspects of building and renovating with industry standard equipment. It will provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your skills and work with your hands doing practical experience both in and outside of the classroom.

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Design Drafting

The Design Drafting program allows you to be creative in designing, planning, and building your own projects. You will be using current industry standards and practices from the field of drafting, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, and interior design, to create and develop your designing skills.

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Electrical Trades Technology

The Electrical Trades Technology program allows you to get real, practical experience about all things electrical, construction, and maintenance. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career using your hands and mind, look to the Electrical Trades industry.

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The Electronics program gives you the opportunity to work with innovative tools and technologies related to automation and electronics in a project-based learning environment. In Electronics you will solve electrical problems, design in 3D, and create your own exciting projects.

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Innovative Manufacturing Technology

The Innovative Manufacturing Technology program teaches you how to create a wide variety of precision working parts by using different machines and hand tools to shape metals.

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Welding Technology

The Welding program will give students a wide variety of welding and fabrication experience by exploring the many different and exciting aspects of the welding trade.

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Post-high studies are available for students who are under the age of 21 in the following areas; Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Design Drafting, Electrical Trades Technology, Electronics, Innovative Manufacturing Technology, and Welding Technology.

Aerospace Manufacturing & Maintenance Orientation Program is available for adults who want to transition to employment and post-secondary opportunities in the Manitoba Aerospace Industry. Please contact Sylvia Martin for more information about the AMMOP program, symartin@wsd1.org.

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