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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

About Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program provides a foundation for future post-secondary studies in Fine Arts, Communications, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Education and Arts Administration.

Visual Arts is offered at grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The Visual Arts program follows the new Manitoba Curriculum Framework and recognizes each student as a young and developing artist.

The Tec-Voc Visual Arts program offers creative and original art making activities in drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, design, and craft. Students participate in skill-building projects that allow them to develop technical ability while challenging them to solve problems creatively. Activities are hands-on, allowing students to imagine, sketch, design and create a work of art from start to finish.

The Visual Arts program provides a foundation for future post-secondary studies in Fine Arts, Communications, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Education and Arts Administration.

Contact Information

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