Our Story

Our Story

Other high school tournaments are bigger and some have been around longer, but none match the Winnipeg Invitational Tournament for the combined package of quality, tradition and prestige. In 1974, a small group of basketball crazy coaches and teachers conceived the idea for WIT. When it made its debut two years later, WIT was immediately the crown jewel of high school hoops.

The first four years of the event featured an American team and the tournament was actually known as the Winnipeg International Tournament. In addition to American teams, WIT now hosts teams from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Over time, the Winnipeg School Division became less involved in the tournament and Tec Voc High School took it under its wing.

While there’s no questioning the caliber of basketball WIT has provided, equally impressive is the job Tec Voc has done in playing host to the event. The many students, teachers, and volunteers assist in putti​​​​ng on a spectacle that includes banners, photos, video, internet statistics, half time events, and so much more.​

This tournament is hosted by Tec-Voc High School

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