WIT 2020 – Kelvin

This year the Kelvin Varsity boys “BOOM SQUAD” is led by two grade 12 players. Liam Stephenson and Braeden Fernandez. Liam is 6’4 forward that can play inside out. A force inside the paint but a marksman outside the 3pt line. He is a combination of power and finesse that will be a challenge to opposing teams. Braeden Fernandez is now at the helm of the guard spot. This 5’8 guard is a delight to watch. He possesses a vast array of moves that will certainly make one go “ohhh and ahhh”. His ball handling and quickness will be must see for any basketball fanatic. With an up and coming grade 11’s Brayden Longstreet, a 6’3 guard that can shoot the lights out but also possesses high flying skills. Angelo Cruz, 6’1 guard that will definitely be looking to shoot the lights out. Josh Shyllon, 5’11 guard that had size and skills that will be a matchup problem for teams. And finally Barac Thon, 6’5 guard that will run the floor with ease and grace and shoot the 3’s. It’s been a while since we saw a skilled 6’5 guard that have Barac’s basketball repertoire.

Kelvin is going to look to exploit the matchups this year. This year’s team appears to be loaded with talent. Depending on the match up Kelvin will push the pace when needed but also slow down and pound the paint if need be.

This year’s Kelvin Varsity boys are hoping to compete with the rest of the province and try to overcome Kelvin Varsity championship drought.