W.I.T. 2020

The Hawks this year are led by a superb group of Grade 11 athletes. 6’7 Forward Simon Hildebrandt is the focal point of the Hawks attack. An elite finisher, stretching the floor with his shooting and ability to see the floor, he is a complete package on the offensive end. Point guard Wylan Peters is the engine of the group. Setting the tone both defensively with his ability to pressure the ball and offensively with his pace control and scoring ability, he leaves his fingerprints all over games and box scores. Returning players Ben Szewzyck, Raj Sidhu provide ample floor spacing with their shooting ability. The Hawks look to return to MBCI teams of old by playing an extremely entertaining up-tempo style. The group looks to play solid team defense, force a tough shot and get out and run. On offense it is all about spacing the floor and allowing their creative players to get to the rim. The core of this group lost in the semifinal of the JV Provincial Finals last spring. The goal for this group is to challenge for a KPAC Championship, and see how deep a run they can make in Provincials.