W.I.T. 2020

Tec Voc will use speed to its advantage.  Moving the ball well and cutting to find open lanes to get to the basket.  Controlling the pace of the game will be beneficial to Tec Voc at succeeding this season. Some players to watch:  Jonas Yu – grade 12, a leader on the floor, hardworking and great defender. Daniel Roque, another grade 12, who is great shooter and he works hard to get open.  Jasper Lising, grade 11, new to the team; he uses his speed to his advantage and is always looking to score. Abel Temelso, grade 11, uses his size and length to his advantage; he will drive to the basket when needed but can also shoot from range, a versatile player. This season the Hornets will work on team chemistry as they strive towards the playoffs.  Each game will have a new lesson and game plan to work on.  The Hornets are looking to improve steadily each game they play and will be well rounded by the time playoffs come.