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Electrical Trades Technology

Electrical Trades Technology

About Electrical Trades Technology

The Electrical Trades Technology program allows you to get real, practical experience about all things electrical, construction, and maintenance. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career using your hands and mind, look to the Electrical Trades industry. 

Students in Electrical will develop the following skills:
– basic and intermediate circuit design 
– residential installation 
– complex motor control systems 
– preparation for RRC or U of M Engineering programs 

Who Should Enroll? 
Electrical Trades Technology is looking for students who like working with their hands and are active participants in their learning. Students who take Electrical Trades Technology are driven to excel and enjoy learning how things work. 

Employment Opportunities
Students who successfully complete the Electrical Trades Technology program are qualified to pursue a construction, industrial or power electrician apprenticeship, work with Manitoba Hydro in electrical trades (Power Electrician, Line Technician) and various telecommunications companies.  

Additional Information
This program is taught in a simulation environment, as becoming work-ready is a cornerstone of the Electrical Trades Technology program.  Comradery and teamwork are also fixtures of this program. Students work together to complete assigned tasks and assist one another in troubleshooting, just as they would as part of a crew in a work environment. 

Course Listing

Grade 10 (1 Credit) EL055V2S

The grade 10 program introduces students to the basic concepts of safety, residential electrical construction, and maintenance. Students learn to work with power and hand tools as well as designing basic circuits.

Grade 11 (3 Credits) EL000V30

Building on the skills developed in the Grade 10 program, students continue to expand their skills in residential wiring. Students begin to specialize in meters, electrical test equipment, and advanced circuit design. Students learn the fundamentals of blueprint reading as well as service entrance and distribution code.

Grade 12 (4 Credits) EL000V40

In the final year of the program students continue to develop their skills at an advanced level in electrical services, Canadian Electrical Code, meters, and electrical test equipment. Students will learn all the necessary requirements prior to entering the electrical field. Students will have a chance to work with a prospective employer through a 5 week work experience in the 4th term.

Contact Information

MICHAUD, Mr. Dan – dmichaud@wsd1.org