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Professional Photography

Professional Photography

About Professional Photography

Students in Professional Photography will develop the following skills:
– Mastery of professional photographic equipment
– Completing projects focused on Advertising, commercial, fashion, portrait, and sports photographs
– Efficient use of editing software; specifically, Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom and Photo Mechanics
– Custom printing and mounting

Employment Opportunities:
Students who successfully complete the Professional Photography program will be qualified to work for: camera and photography stores, online publications, cruise lines, commercial and portrait studios, travel websites, advertising agencies, stock photography, and in the news industry.

Additional Information:
The training you receive and the skills you develop in this program will improve the overall quality of your photography. Whether you are traveling, attending family events and special occasions, or enjoying simple outings: the photographs you capture or create will have all the hallmarks of a professional photographer. Check out https://www.tecvocphoto.com and Instagram (TecVoc Photos)

Contact Information

GILFILLAN, Mr. Ron – rgilfillan@wsd1.org